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· Golden Hills, CA, US

Unit available in this community located in the Golden Hills of California! Enjoy the views and weather. Building out of metal containers, this unity is an strong fireproof place. Available now for two seasons before the next fire season.

Apply now!! Do not miss this opportunity! It can be yours today! apply here! Note, please complete evacuation of the area during fire season is required.

2 - 4 Occupants · No Pets Allowed


2 x Bed1 x Bath1 x Kitchen1 x Safety Shelter


Satalite Wi-FiEco-kitchen

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This listing is only available in non-wildfire season due to worsening climate conditions.


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Carbon$ 350K / month
Carbon$ 10K Security Deposit
UN Climate Refugee Subsidy Eligible
Require connection to your Universal Carbon Dollar Blockchain Wallet